Update for those with public insurance: As of April 2017, the policies regarding reimbursement for psychotherapy have changed. As such, I am generally not able to bill with most public insurances (for example, the TK, AOK, HEK); however, this is decided by the insurance on a case by case basis. Please contact me for further information.

It is possible for me see some patients with Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung through a process called Kostenerstattungsverfahren. In brief, in order to bill the Geseztliche Krakenkassen, therapists must have a special accreditation with the insurance companies ("Kassenzulassung/Kassensitz"). The number of therapists who can receive this accreditation is limited as it is regulated and the waiting period to become accredited is approximately 15 years in Hamburg. Because the number of individuals needing therapy outstrips the availability of accredited therapists, an alternative reimbursement process (Kostenerstattungsverfahren) was developed.

Those insured are have a right to obtain medical services in a timely manner and through this alternative reimbursement process, insurances will usually cover fees from non-accredited therapists. This process includes several steps, which I am happy to discuss with you in our first appointment.