Paying for your therapy "out of pocket" affords more privacy as no information will be submitted to insurance companies. In order to receive reimbursement for therapy from insurance companies, a psychiatric diagnosis must be made to indicate the medical necessity of therapy. This diagnosis and general details of your treatment (i.e., provider, number of sessions) are maintained on your permanent insurance record. This can in certain circumstances become problematic (for example, during a review for career tenureship or promotion, application for life insurance or a new health insurance). When paying for your therapy yourself, your participation in therapy would be disclosed only in case of emergency (i.e., serious harm to yourself or others).

Fees are in accordance with the Gebührenordnung der Psychologische Psychotherapeuten (2,3-facher Satz), for which a 50-minute CBT session is 100.55€. Fees for additional services, such as interpretation of psychological tests and writing reports are assessed in addition to this session fee.